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Stunning Video Webinar Productions, Simplified.

Xstreaminar is a full-service, turnkey video webinar production solution that delivers a unified and custom-branded experience to your audience.

We help marketers & virtual communications teams easily deliver beautiful, engaging and effective webinars.

Our productions look nothing like a traditional webinar. By combining custom motion graphics, video animation and kinetic typography with your content, we transform traditional webcasts into richer viewing experiences that your audiences will remember.


The Xstreaminar Difference

Turnkey Production


Xstreaminar offers full-service, turn-key video webinar productions and expertise in live streaming and virtual event platforms. We schedule the time with your speakers and produce the asset for you, handling everything from production to airing. Every event receives logistics management, including live-day support.

Custom Branding

Xstreaminar can be fully white-labeled and branded with your logo. Our service includes professionally-produced video assets and hosting, custom registration pages, a branded webinar viewing console (no download required), and custom URLs.


Audience Engagement

We produce a dynamic video asset that keeps your audience's attention throughout the event. We also create engagement opportunities with the audience with our chat function and live polling. After the event, we'll send you audience metrics so that you know who attended and for how long.

How it works
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